Whitepaper: Automating High Availability Services with VMware HA

With the announcement of ESX Server 3.0 and VirtualCenter 2.0 (aka Virtual Infrastructure 3.0) VMware launched a series of whitepapers to clarify technical and marketing aspects of the new offering.

The third one of the series:

VMware® Infrastructure 3 delivers comprehensive virtualization, management, resource optimization, application availability and operational automation capabilities in an integrated offering. VMware HA, a new capability in VMware Infrastructure 3, helps customers improve service levels for any application by implementing cost-effective virtualization-based high-availability solutions that are both easy to use and easy to configure.

This white paper provides an architectural and conceptual overview of VMware HA and describes how you can use HA to provide high availability for any applications running in virtual machines at lower cost than would be possible with static, physical infrastructure.

Read it here.