Whitepaper: 1-2 punch backup methodology for VMware ESX Server

Vizioncore released a very interesting paper about backup strategies for VMware ESX Server with their esxRanger product:

Virtualization has enabled companies to manage resources more efficiently and effectively for their mission critical applications and data. Backups, restores and disaster recovery methods are essential responsibilities of managing your virtual infrastructure. Having a hot backup strategy can be difficult to manage without automation. Additionally, without availability in remote locations for the data, applications and physical infrastructures, the business will be at risk. The need for disaster recovery options that support a WAN environment is vital to businesses that wish to operate regardless of the issues that cause outages.

In this paper, we will cover the important topic of virtual machine backups and specifically a winning strategy for efficient and effective backup and recovery of VMware ‘guest’ images on the ESX Server environment.

Download it here.