Neterion announces Hyperframe, a 10 GbE I/O virtualization (IOV) architecture

Quoting from the Neterion official announcement:

Neterion, Inc., an industry leader in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter market for server and storage environments, announced that the company has developed Hyperframe™, an I/O Virtualization (IOV) architecture that expands hardware support to input/output (I/O) devices, providing end-to-end virtualization for the enterprise data center infrastructure.

Features included in the Hyperframe architecture are: multiple separate receive and transmit queues, independent Direct Memory Access (DMA) engines, separate network addresses, ability to classify and steer receive traffic, sophisticated interrupt schemes, separate register sets, separate copies of the configuration space, ability to direct packets through the PCI-Express fabric, etc.

“Neterion’s Hyperframe IOV will provide advanced I/O virtualization and is a great complement to the HP Virtual Server Environment, which enables customers to optimize their server resources in real time.”…