Tech: Running VMware Server console on Apple Mac OS X

The Tao of Mac published an how-to permitting VMware customers to run the (GSX) Server remote console on a MacOS X:

One of the biggest issues with managing VMware Server for me has always been not having a native Mac OS X remote administration client (or a Mac OS X anything, but that’s another story).

So, with every release, I kept trying to find a way to both see and control my virtual machine consoles by running vmware-console on the server and forwarding the X display to my Mac – which never seemed to work due to various X11 quirks – either the application bombed instantly, or there were masses of debug logging – but never a working remote console.

However, after months of virtual head-banging, Chris Dagdigian e-mailed me a note saying that he had got his vmware-console running by using trusted X forwarding, and after a while I had the rest figured out – keyboard mappings and all.

The following notes assume you have a Linux-based VMware Server host (running build 22088) and that you can access it over SSH from a Mac with X11 installed…

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