WinHEC 2006 conference critical for Microsoft virtualization strategy

The upcoming WinHEC 2006 conference, taking place 23-25th in Seattle, will be critical for Microsoft virtualization strategy and its partners.

Mike Neil, Product Unit Manager for Windows Virtualization at Microsoft, revealed ZDNet an updated roadmap about Windows Hypervisor (codename Viridian) will be presented.

The amount of sessions about virtualization is impressive and their name are quite meaningful:

  • How to Use the VMBus Interfaces
  • How to Use the WMI Interfaces with Windows Virtualization
  • HyperCall APIs Explained
  • Hypervisor, Virtualization Stack and Device Virtualization Architectures
  • I/O Memory Management Hardware Goes Mainstream
  • Inside Microsoft’s Network and Storage VSP/VSC
  • Intel Virtualization Technology: Strategy and Evolution
  • Microsoft Operating System Virtualization Strategy and Virtual Hard Disk Directions
  • PCIe Address Translation Services and I/O Virtualization
  • Windows Server Scalability and Virtualized I/O Fabric for Blade Server
  • Windows Virtualization Best Practices and Future Hardware Directions
  • Windows Virtualization: Scenarios and Features
  • Windows Virtualization: Strategy and Roadmap

Look at the whole draft agenda.