Altiris to offer a Software Virtualization Solution for free

Altiris is seriously entering the virtualization market focusing on applications. They are going to compete against Softricity with a product called Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) 2.0, expected for public release on 23th March. published the news of a free version for personal use:

…Altiris will focus on what it describes as a service-oriented management concept, encompassing service-oriented architectures (SOAs) as the technology backbone, products that address management processes and a service-based delivery model.

To help its virtualization software gain more traction, Altiris next month will offer a free downloadable tool which users can deploy to change the settings of applications on their PCs according to their personal requirements…

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At the same time InfoWorld published a review of pre-release version giving it 8.8 points:

SVS worked flawlessly during my testing. I was able to record, enable, disable and reset both simple (Office Web Components) and complex (the full Office 2003 Professional suite) installation layers on the fly, with nearly instantaneous results. Each local SVS management function was replicated within the Altiris Console, allowing me to activate, deactivate, and control application layers centrally. That’s a real boon for help desk professionals trying to diagnose installation or runtime errors.

As I put SVS through its paces and enjoyed the ease of managing the software virtualization layers, I couldn?t help but think that Altiris SVS is the kind of paradigm-shifting technology that one normally associates with Operating System evolution at the platform level…

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