Assembly your Linux operating system and distribute it with VMware Player

Three days ago I stumbled on rBuilder, an impressive online platform for automating Linux distributions creation.

It’s really something unique: you register for free on the site, start a new project, and start assemblying a new distribution, choosing among available packages ones needed.
If a software is not available (let’s say Snort intrusion detection system) anyone can produce it for rBuilder.
The system will solve all packages dependencies and will compile them in a bootable ISO.
And if you are too lazy to start from beginning you can start from an already existing project (of another user) adding softwares you think the distribution is missing.

Not shocking enough rBuilder releases your new distribution directly in a VMware format, ready to be read with VMware Player, if you like.
Just remember to advice VMware guys at Community Virtual Machine center for a free advertising on their site…