VMware products could gain high availability soon

Just few weeks ago Microsoft released Virtual Server 2005 R2 introducing two killer features: a really aggressive pricing and host OS high availability.
The last one is particularly interesting and a definitely most wanted feature even by VMware customers.

VMware products could benefit the host OS high availability soon: EMC Corporation (controlling VMware since 2004) in August 2005 acquired a well-known firm for clustering solutions, Rainfinity.

EMC declared the acquisition is moved mainly because of the Rainfinity Network File Virtualization technology but the acquired company is famous in the IT security market mainly for two producs: RainWall and RainConnect.
Both tecnologies are aimed to provide host and application clustering and network fault tolerance to famous, commercial firewall products as Check Point VPN-1 and Microsoft ISA Server.

At this point EMC could use all Rainfinity know-how (hot backup, host and application clustering, network fault tolerance) to instill a very powerful high-availability technology inside upcoming VMware servers products.