One size fits all in virtual servers

Quoting from CRN:

Server virtualization isn’t just for the big guys anymore. Small businesses can also benefit from virtualization, allowing offices of any size to access the latest enterprise-quality technology.

Ron Kramer has built his business around the idea that server virtualization can help small businesses work better, and his one-man IT-shop-for-hire is thriving.

In 2001, he started All Computer Solutions in Portland and now has more than 20 high-end boutique small-business clients.

Before virtualization technology, Kramer was putting two to four servers in each client’s office. Today, he takes a different approach. “I’ll put in one medium-powered HP ProLiant ML Series Server, and I’ll build it out with VMware GSX Server,” he said. “I’ll build a very robust host and we’ll have anywhere from three to six guest operating systems on that hardware. What virtualization allows me to do is become hardware independent.”…

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