Microsoft Operation Manager 2005 management packs for VMware ESX Server

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Several third-party vendors announced management packs and other products that support Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 at Microsoft’s IT Forum event this week in Barcelona, Spain.

AppMind version 3.8 now officially supports Sun Solaris on x86 and VMware ESX along with HP-UX, Solaris SPARC, Linux and OpenVMS. Version 3.8 also lets administrators perform central configuration, management and deployment to non-Windows systems from the MOM 2005 server.

Vendor nworks announced its VMware Management Pack for MOM 2005, which provides automated VMware ESX Server monitoring from MOM 2005. The product provides agent-less management and monitoring of more than 100 ESX Server and virtual machine metrics, as well as of root and virtual file system free space.

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