Virtualization moves beyond proof of concept in the volume server market

Quoting from the IDC official announcement:

Virtual servers translate to real dollars as spending around virtualization activities will balloon to nearly $15 billion worldwide by 2009. According to new research from IDC, a disruptive change is at hand as customers rapidly adopt virtualized servers – partitioning of smaller 2-4 way x86 systems using software developed specifically for the volume server space – in an attempt to contain costs, leverage existing IT resources, and seamlessly handle growing workloads.

“IT professionals are embracing virtualization across all segments of the server market, but growth is particularly strong in the volume server space,” said Matt Eastwood, vice president of IDC’s Worldwide Server research. “The risky, higher value IT projects, once reserved for more scalable servers, are now being addressed by lower-cost alternatives.”

IDC’s multiclient study, Server Virtualization 2005: Understanding the Adoption of Virtualized Server Resources, identifies the partitioning opportunity for enterprise system vendors and assists them in aligning their business models with customer requirements. This study also identifies the impact of network and software vendors’ willingness to partner with systems vendors in order to achieve a common goal of support scale-out and scale-up server partitioning strategies in increasingly heterogeneous environments.

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