Intel launches Pentium with Virtualization Technology

Quoting from CNET News:

Intel is expected to launch new processors on Monday starting with its Pentium line that have the ability to subdivide tasks in a hardware feature called Virtualization Technology–or VT.

While VT is currently found in some of Intel’s Xeon processors, this is the first time that the chipmaking giant has extended the technology to the desktop.

Intel is currently offering two chips with VT enabled. The 672 and 662 are currently shipping in desktops being offered by Asian PC makers Acer, Founder, Lenovo and TongFang. The Intel processors are priced at $605 and $401 respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.

Beyond the single-core Pentium 4, Intel is expected to enable its dual-core Pentium D to run VT in the first quarter of 2006. By the first half of next year, Intel expects to fill out the rest of its product line including its next-generation Xeon and Itanium server processors as well as its Pentium M for laptops, Taggard said.

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