Is VMware playing unfair about learning?

As you probably know since quite 1 year (July 2004) VMware opened up a learning program for worldwide companies. IT professionals already certified as VMware Certified Professional (VCP) with a somewhat high exam score (85%) could become Certified Instructors and companies, achieving certain requirements and paying an annual fee, could become VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC) Partners.

Details about how to become an Instructor are always been undisclosed on the web site. Only a direct contact with VMware can clear what is needed.
How many of you were or are actually interested in becoming VMware instructors? How many of you invested in trying to obtain the certification? I know a few…
Details about how to become a VATC Partner remained undisclosed as well. But in this case can neither a direct call to VMware can clear requirements for achieving this special status.
How many of you were interested in receiving official training in national language instead of English? I know a few…

Impossible? Well: my company wanted to become a VATC Partner for Italy (notice that we already are both VMware Enterprise VIP and VMware Core Customers) and I wanted to become a VMware Certified Instructor. I contacted VMware as well asking for requirements and after taking me on hold for _FOUR MONTHS_ I was notified that the achievement was granted to another company.
Ok, I’ve no problem in having competitors, but I’m interested on knowing VATC requirements… VMware let me clearly intend that my company will not obtain VATC status since simply there are _NO REAL REQUIREMENTS_ someone can try to accomplish to.

This is really incredible to me. It’s incredible I needed to wait four months to have an elusive answer. It’s incredible VMware create a Partner Program no one can adhere to (or at least not in a democratic way). It’s incredible VMware chooses to not spread training about its own technology.

Now, checking official web site for VATC Partner Program URL I just discovered every reference disappeared… Just the german press release survived.
So need I to guess the VATC Program is shutted down without notice? If so, why VMware just designed an italian VATC Partner?

Really incredible. And really unfair.