AMD makes virtualization pact

Quoting from LinuxWorld:

Advanced Micro Devices and XenSource announced Tuesday at LinuxWorld in Boston that they will port the open source Xen virtualization software to the chip giant’s AMD64 technology.

XenSource was formed to market and co-develop the Xen virtualization software, which was originally developed at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. The software, like its VMware competitor, runs on Linux and allows servers to be divided up into partitions for better utilization and workload management. Xen can run multiple operating systems in those isolated, secure partitions.

AMD and Intel have both committed to developing hardware virtualization technologies in future processors. AMD’s Pacifica will provide support for virtualization software such as Xen. Neither vendor would specify how Pacifica or Intel’s Vanderpoole would affect either the Xen software or VMware Inc.’s ESX Server.

AMD is claiming that the integration of Xen into AMD64 technology is an industry first and that Xen will be integrated with future dual-core processors.