Release: VMware ACE 1.0 released!

VMware just released the brand new product Assured Computing Environment (ACE) for Enterprises:

What Is VMware ACE?
VMware ACE is an enterprise solution for IT desktop managers who want to provision secure, standardized PC environments throughout the extended enterprise. VMware ACE installs easily and improves the manageability, security and cost-effectiveness of any industry standard PC. VMware ACE enables IT desktop managers to apply enterprise IT policies to a virtual machine containing an operating system, enterprise applications, and data to create an isolated PC environment known as an “assured computing environment”. Through Virtual Rights Management technology, VMware ACE enables IT desktop managers to control assured computing environment expiration, secure enterprise information on PCs, and ensure compliance with IT policies.

How Is VMware ACE Used in the Enterprise?
VMware ACE is used across the enterprise to:

– Provision enterprise-standard PC environments on unmanaged remote PCs.
– Provision time-limited, locked-down PC environments on unmanaged guest PCs.
– Secure sensitive enterprise and personally identifiable information on mobile PCs.
– Provision standardized, hardware-independent PC environments on any enterprise PC.

How Does VMware ACE Work?
VMware ACE leverages industry-proven VMware virtual machine technology to provide an isolated PC environment known as an “assured computing environment”. Using VMware ACE Manager, IT desktop managers create projects that include:

– A virtual machine with an operating system, applications, and data
– An application to run the virtual machines
– A set of policies to control the lifecycle and capabilities of the virtual machine

From this project, PC managers create a VMware ACE package that is distributed to end-users via download, DVD, or CD media. VMware ACE enables end-users to run an “assured computing environment” on their desktop or laptop PC. The VMware virtualization layer maps the physical hardware resources to the VMware ACE virtual machine resources, providing the full equivalent of a standard x86 machine within the assured computing environment.

VMware ACE Key Features

– Design once, deploy anywhere. Create standardized hardware-independent PC environments and deploy them to any PC throughout the extended enterprise.
– Virtual Rights Management interface. Control VMware ACE lifecycle, security settings, network settings, system configuration and user interface capabilities.

– Rules-based network access. Identify and quarantine unauthorized or out-of-date VMware ACE environments. Enable access to the network once the VMware ACE environment complies with IT policies.
– Tamper-resistant computing environment. Protect the entire VMware ACE environment, including data and system configuration, with seamless encryption.
– Copy protected computing environment. Prevent end users from copying enterprise information.

– Customizable interface. Customize the behavior and look and feel for end users.
– Flexible computing environment. End users can revert to a previous state within seconds and can work online or when disconnected from the enterprise network.