PlateSpin PowerP2V web Seminar & live demo

Quoting from Expert ServerGroup announcement:

PlateSpin PowerP2V™ brings unprecedented flexibility and agility to the data center. Its automated physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to virtual (V2V) capability allows users to “drag-and-drop” servers quickly and easily, without manual labor. By enabling completely automated conversions between physical and virtual infrastructures, PowerP2V can dramatically accelerate: Server consolidation projects Virtual test lab deployments Managed availability projects Virtual host upgrade projects.

PlateSpin PowerP2V™ is an indispensable solution for large-scale server conversion projects. Right from your desktop you can convert Windows and Linux physical servers into virtual machines on any VMware™ server host. Just as easily, you can move virtual machines from one virtual host to another. PowerP2V’s non-invasive discovery feature provides details about all the physical servers on your network without requiring users to install any agents. Then simply drag a physical or virtual server to a VMware host to create an identical virtual machine; and optionally reconfigure networking, disk, memory, and CPU parameters in the process. PlateSpin PowerP2V creates the new virtual machine, copies the disks and manages driver changes and resource allocations – all automatically. Direct source to target transfer eliminates temporary storage requirements. Centralized monitoring and job control lets you manage simultaneous conversions.