VMware ready for its first EMEA VCP Technical Symposium

Quoting from an official VMware letter to its partners:

Dear VMware Partner,

Announcing the VMware EMEA VCP Technical Symposium, 7th-8th September, Amsterdam

VMware is proud to present the inaugural EMEA VCP Technical Symposium to take place in Amsterdam. This event is designed to bring all of our VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) up to date on our products and to outline the future of VMware technology.

The key areas we will cover include:

Product roadmap
Virtual Infrastructure
ESX Server 2.1 and GSX Server 3.1 technical presentations
Typical SAN configurations
Disaster Recovery and High Availability configurations
Technical objection handling
In-depth Virtual Networking (failover, VLAN etc)
VMware support tools
How to engage VMware in deals

Why should you attend?

By the end of the symposium, you will have:

A closer alignment to VMware as an organisation
Up-to-date knowledge of our products and processes
The ability to communicate VMware technical and business benefits to customers
More confidence in supporting customers during the sales process

Who should attend?

Attendance at this event is mandatory for all VMware Enterprise Resellers, with at least one VCP representing each organisation. We also welcome our Alliance Partners to attend.
Attendance is free of charge and includes lunch, dinner and refreshments during the course of the symposium. However, delegates will need to pay for their own travel to the venue, overnight accommodation and breakfast costs.

Please keep 7th and 8th September free in your diaries (delegates will need to arrive at the hotel on the evening of 6th September).

If you like to let everybody know you’ll be there write down a comment for this post.
Thanks to an anonymous for forwarding me this information.