VMware adheres a new Server Virtualization program

Quoting from Business Wire:

Topspin Communications, the leader in switched computing, today announced the formation of a VFrame(TM) Developers Program intended to foster the delivery, documentation, and testing of integrated solutions for server virtualization. Many industry-leading software partners have already joined the program, including Opsware, Oracle, Platform Computing, Qlusters and VMware. Others are invited to join as well.

Topspin provides the industry’s first programmable server switch, a new category of data center infrastructure designed to provide an intelligent backbone for grid, or on-demand, or utility computing. Topspin’s new VFrame server virtualization software suite allows provisioning intelligence to be programmed into the server switch hardware by industry-leading management and provisioning tools using VFrame APIs and a software developer kit (SDK).

“We are excited to have such a solid list of partners to kick-off this program,” said Ben Eiref, director business development at Topspin. “The greatest strength of VFrame is that it offers the first truly open solution for switch-based utility computing. We allow our customers to choose their preferred servers, storage, applications, and management tools and connect it all seamlessly through the server switch. With our VFrame development partners we can offer our customers a wide range of quality solutions.”


“Customers want best of breed utility computing solutions that don’t lock them in to a single vendor,” said Tim Howes, CTO and EVP of development for Opsware Inc. “DCML, a developing open standard for utility computing, enables this multi-vendor vision. Opsware is looking forward to working with Topspin’s VFrame, using DCML to further automate the IT lifecycle and deliver utility computing.”


“Topspin’s VFrame interface provides a useful way to implement server virtualization and provisioning policies through a single InfiniBand switch interface and we’re looking at how to take advantage of this with Oracle’s Grid Computing technology,” said Benny Souder, vice president of Distributed Database Development, Oracle Corporation. “I’m also pleased to see Topspin’s timely launch of this capability as it coincides with the creation of the Enterprise Grid Alliance, where the technology will link together best of breed grid building blocks.”

Platform Computing

“Customers are asking for a better way to flexibly share server, storage, and application resources,” said Robert Boettcher, vice president of Financial Services at Platform Computing. “Topspin helps provide the ability to virtualize the server infrastructure underneath the grid application services. Together, Topspin and Platform can provide a complete turnkey solution for data center managers who want to build their own grid infrastructure.”


“Working through Topspin’s VFrame server switch interface, Qlusters SSI single system image technology enables customers to achieve the scalability of traditional SMP systems running on much less expensive commodity clusters,” said Moshe Bar, CTO of Qlusters. “We’re pleased to see Topspin creating this developer program since we have common customers asking to have our two products running together.”


“VMware, the leader in virtual infrastructure software for x86-based systems, sees the potential of fabric-based technologies such as Topspin to bring additional I/O consolidation, performance and cost-containment benefits for customers as they deploy their VMware virtualization solutions,” said Brian Byun, senior director of Alliances, VMware. “We are pleased to be charter members of the VFrame developer program.”

More information on the VFrame Developers Program can be found at: http://www.topspin.com/partners/vframedevprog.html