VMware customers strongly asking for official SUN Solaris support

Old VMware products supported SUN Solaris 8 guests, but in the last generations don’t provide this support anymore (probably because only few customers use it).
Since some months a new thread started on official web forum about Solaris support, and a large number of customers are strongly requiring official support return.

What is really interesting is that these customers are asking support not only for guestOS, but mainly to have Solaris as hostOS, claiming that VMware server products would be used in large farms immediately.

VMware folks should reconsider Solaris support for guestOS and evalutating SUN platform use for hostOS, mainly because Solaris 10 is coming and SUN has already released AMD Opteron 64 bit servers where to deploy the new OS.
This events could bring Solaris to a key position in most wanted virtualization hardware platforms table.

P.S.: Even if official support for Solaris guestOS doesn’t exist, it’s proven that Solaris 8, 9 and 10 beta works well on VMware VMs.