Monitor VMware ESX Server 2.0.1 with NetIQ AppManager

James E. Price III, a very active VMware newsgroups user, reported an interesting how-to for ESX Server monitoring with NetIQ AppManager Suite:

(Assuming HP/Compaq hardware)

1. Install the HP Management Agents for Linux (reboot required, see 2.0.1
installation notes)

2. Install binutils- using the -Uhv options

3. Create a redhat-release file in /etc containing “Red Hat Linux release
7.2 (Enigma)”

4. Create a custom netiq_silent_install.cfg file with your configuration
information and store in /tmp

5. Install NetIQ_UA-2.0-327.i386.rpm using the -Uhv options

Attention! This configuration isn’t supported or suggested in anyway by VMware. James just tried it and it works.