From VirtualizationMatrix comes WhatMatrix – UPDATED

We quoted several times Virtualization Matrix, the website created to compare the capabilities of the various virtualization platforms on the market such VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.

This idea sparked community interest and a new project was spawned: a multi-comparison and interactive evaluation platform named WhatMatrix.

WhatMatrix allows visitors not only to compare features of different products in many technology fields, it also offers the ability to enrich products “scorecards” by adding complimentary products to a “stack”.

This feature is useful to both users, who can look at the products following a gap-analysis logic, and vendors which can show the value of their products.

We have been following Virtualization Matrix for a long time, therefore we decided to spend a few words on this updated version of the technical reference resource, believing that WhatMatrix can become an appealing independent platform for experts to publish comparisons, as the community wants to provide free in-depth technology evaluations cured by industry specialists.

We wish all the best to this new project which recognized the attraction of a crowdsourced consultancy market that could provide an interesting alternative to classic consultancy firms and established analysis.

Update: Login has been removed and site is now fully open without registration required.