Paper: VMware vSphere 6 and Oracle Database Scalability Study

VMware has released a paper titled:"VMware vSphere 6 and Oracle Database Scalability Study". The paper which contains 12 pages details the outcome of a series of tests to demonstrate the performance and scalability of large virtual machines on vSphere 6 running Oracle Database 12c.


The paper contains the following sections

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Test Environment
  • Scale-Up Testing
  • Scale-Up Testing with Hyper-Threads
  • Complete Performance Test Results
  • Conclusion


The new larger “Monster” VM support in vSphere 6 allows for virtual machines that can support larger workloads than ever before with excellent performance. These tests show that large virtual machines running on vSphere 6 can scale up as needed to meet extreme performance levels.

Thanks to Eric Sloof for providing the link.