Paper: Reference Architecture – Director and EdgeSight

Citrix has released a paper titled: “Reference Architecture: Director and EdgeSight“. The paper which contains 32 pages contains a reference architecture for setting up Citrix Director and Citrix Edgesight.

Citrix Director is a visualization aggregation point for metering of the Citrix User Experience brought by a culmination of Citrix virtualization technologies. Citrix EdgeSight provides visibility into the network facet of the end-to-end communication between the Receiver and the XenDesktop environment(s). Together they provide a total solution capable of troubleshooting issues around desktops and applications running on top of Citrix Solutions.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Solution Architecture
  • Configuration of Director
  • Installation and Configuration of NetScaler Insight Center
  • Connecting to Insight Center
  • Using Director
  • Monitoring Service
  • Grooming of the XenDesktop Monitoring Service Database