Paper: VMware Mirage Large-Scale Reference Architecture

VMware has released a paper titled: "VMware Mirage Large-Scale Reference Architecture". The paper, which contains 30 pages is a provides a reference architecture and real-world testing results for image management, backup and migration of Windows Desktops using VMware Mirage.

Mirage uses a layering technology to segment OS, applications and user personalizations into isolated containers allowing administrators to separately manage hardware and each layer of software.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Exectutive Summary
  • Mirage Solution Overview
  • Use Case Overview
  • Reference Architecture Overview
  • Test Results: Centralization over Typical LAN
  • Test Result: Windows 7 Migration of 825 Endpoints over LAN
  • Conclusion


After completing a comprehensive assessment, the customer was able to centralize 800 endpoints in less than four days using a single Mirage server. Migration of up to 400 concurrent desktops took just over five and a half hours. IT intervention was not required except to launch the migration and inspect the systems upon completion. The average endpoint downtime during the complete Windows XP to Windows 7 migration was only 26 minutes, which translated to only a minimal interruption of user productivity.