Paper: VMware Horizon 6 Reference Architecture

VMware has released a paper titled: "VMware Horizon 6 Reference Architecture". The paper which contains 53 pages describes a reference architecture for building a VMware Horizon 6 deployment supporting 2,000 till 10,00 users with an existing server and storage infrastructure.

The Horizon 6 reference architecture combines the technologies of standard rack-mount server hardware running on EMC VNX storage, VMware View Accelerator (to accelerate existing SAN), VMware ESXi 5.5, and Horizon 6 to produce a highly efficient, robust, and scalable next-generation virtual workspace deployment.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • VMware Reference Architectures
  • Horizon 6 Solution
    • Hardware Components
    • Software Components
  • Horizon 6 Reference Architecture
    • Modular Pod and Block Design
    • Software-Defined Data Center
    • vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon
    • Unified Access with Workspace Portal
    • Windows Desktops and Remote Applications with View
    • Single Image Management with Mirage
    • User Experience
    • Integration
    • Availability
  • Test Results
  • Bill of Materials
  • References