Release: VMware NSX 6.1

Today at VMworld 2014 VMware showcased version 6.1 of its network virtualization platform: NSX.

Launched last year at VMworld 2013 NSX is the result of Nicira acquisition and now VMware is talking about multi-hypervisor support and OpenStack Integration.

The key new features of NSX 6.1 can be resumed as follows:

  • DHCP Relay: It’s now possibile to define several DHCP servers configured per logical router ports and to integrate external DHCP servers in the physical world with the same logic.
  • Two Stage ECMP Support: Allows high-availability and scale out introducing equal cost multi path routing.
  • L2 VPN: Enterprise Migration (NSX on both sides): You can now trunk multiple VLANS of multiple VXLANs from one datacenter to another allowing, for example workflows migration (is an enhancement from the previous version).
  • Load Balancing Enhancements: Now allows load balancing of UDP based services.
  • A new partnership with F5 to provide its balancer alongside NSX standard.
  • Firewall Enhancements: Now supporting Reject action, CPU/Memory Thresholds, etc
  • Micro Segmentation: Provides firewall services through the hypervisors’s kernel module allowing the binding between firewall policies and VMs.

For a more technical deepening you can read Vladan Seget’s article.