VMware acquires CloudVolumes

Application containerization is one of the hot topics of 2014, the idea of abstracting applications from the underlying OSes is intriguing and suggests a more simple and agile way to distribute and manage business applications than the per-VM model.

Docker is a good representative of this technology, started in March 2013 is  now supported by major technology and service providers like Canonical, Google Cloud Platform and Red Hat.

CloudVolumes is a company founded in 2011 that leverages the same concept in the Microsoft Windows world with an architecture that they define as an hybrid between layering, application virtualization and containers that enables customers to have high application compatibility while working with existing infrastructure.

Today, a few days from VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, VMware announced the acquisition of CloudVolumes in order to enrich its End-User Computing portfolio and specifically the Horizon Suite, the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.