Paper: Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace

Dell has released a paper titled:"Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace". The paper which contains 104 pages contains a reference architecture for covering the architecture design, configuration and implementation considerations for the key components of the architecture required to deliver virtual desktops via Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS or Dell vWorkspace 8.0 MR1 on Microsoft Hyper-V.


The document describes:

  • Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace Reference Architecture, scaling from 10 to 50,000 desktop virtualization users.
  • A VDI Experience Proof of Concept (POC) Solution, an entry level configuration supporting up to 100 VDI users.
  • A pilot solution for small scale deployments supporting shared sessions, pooled virtual desktops, or personal virtual desktops.
  • Production deployment options encompassing solution models including rack servers, local disks and iSCSI based or direct attached shared storage options, as well as a shared infrastructure platform.

The paper covers the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Solution Architecture Overview
  • Hardware Components
  • Software Components
  • Solution Architecture for Microsoft Remote Desktop Serices and Dell vWorkspace
  • Customer Provided Stack Components
  • User Profile and Workload Characterization
  • Solution Performance and Tuning