Paper: Enabling VMware vShield Endpoint for Horizon View

VMware has published a paper titled:"Enabling VMware vShield Endpoint for Horizon View". The paper which contains 14 pages addresses the problems of antivirus scanning in a large-scale Horizon View virtual desktop implementation by implementing vShield Endpoint. vShield Endpoint consolidates and offloads all antivirus and associated operations into a centralized security virtual appliance (SVA), supplied by a VMware partner. The SVA runs and manages antivirus software as a dedicated virtual machine on the hypervisor, with very small desktop drivers. This replaces dozens or hundreds or thousands of large AV agents on individual virtual desktops.

vShield Endpoint is included in vSphere 5.1 and later as well as in Horizon View 5.3.


This paper provides foundational deployment information for vShield Endpoint for Horizon View and covers the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Architecture
  • Partners
  • Packaging and Licensing
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Summary of Best Practices
  • Additional Resources