Paper: VMware NSX Network Virtualization Design Guide

VMware has released a paper titled: “VMware NSX Network Virtualization Design Guide“. The paper which contains 32 pages is a design guide targeted towards virtualization and network architects interested in deploying VMware NSX. NSX network virtualization programmatically creates, snapshots, deletes, and restores software-based virtual networks.

The paper contains the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Components of the VMware Network Virtualization Solution
    • Data Plane
    • Control Plane
    • Management Plane
    • Consumption Platform
    • Functional Services
  • Network Virtualization Design Considerations
    • Physical Network
    • Data Center Access Layer Deployment Scenarios
    • Logical Switching
    • Logical Routing
    • Logical Firewall
    • Logical Load Balancer
  • Conclusion



The VMware network virtualization solution addresses current challenges with physical network infrastructure and brings flexibility, agility and scale through VXLAN-based logical networks. Along with the ability to create on-demand logical networks using VXLAN, the vCloud Networking and Security Edge gateway helps users deploy various logical network services such as firewall, DHCP, NAT and load balancing on these networks. This is possible due to its ability to decouple the virtual network from the physical network and then reproduce the properties and services in the virtual environment.

Thanks to Eric Sloof for providing the news.