VMware releases Horizon Workspace Manager 1.5.1

At October 10 VMware released version 1.5.1 of Horizon Workspace Manager. This is a minor update to 1.5.0.

New in this release are updated VMware Horizon Workspace Client for Macintosh & Windows.

Download here.

Horizon Workspace Manager enables mobile devices and mobile users to access corporate data and applications. It can be seen as a broker. For accessing data it can be seen as the Dropbox for the Enterprise.
While Dropbox does not allow control by the IT-department, Horizon Workspace Manager does. Policies can be set to define who is able to access what data, set quotas, define who can view what filetypes and much more.

Some filetypes like Microsoft Office can be viewed in a browser session without the need to install the Office application of some kind of plugin.
Horizon Workspace Manager also connects end users to virtual desktop sessions. It also provides Identity Access Management for SaaS applications. This means than once endusers are authenticated to for example Active Directoty, they do not have to use another account and password to access SaaS applications (single sign-on). Another benefit is that end-users can be allowed of disallowed access to SaaS with a single click by IT-management.