Peder Ulander, former VP of Product Marketing at Citrix joins Cisco

Cisco System has a new Vice President of Marketing: Peder Ulander. According to his LinkedIn profile Ulander was Vice President of Product Marketing, Cloud Platform Group at Citrix for the last two years, he will be starting to work for Cisco next Monday and he will be managing Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group.
Peder Ulander is an expert in marketing and strategy, having started his career at Symantec as Product Manager and Business Development Analys about 20 years ago, he then served as Director of Marketing at Sun Micro Systems. Ulander was VP of Strategy at Pure Networks, when the company was acquired by Cisco Systems.

Ulander confirmed last Wednesday his change from Citrix to Cisco,  and added that his decision is no knock on Citrix or CloudStack, the open-source cloud Citrix backed against OpenStack. Cisco is seen as an OpenStack proponent although it too does some CloudStack work.