Book: Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Applications on VMware vSphere

Matt Liebowitz, working as Advisory Architect at EMC and VMware vExpert and Alex Fontana who is Solutions Architect at VMware have published a book titled: Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Applications on VMware vSphere.
According to Eric Sloof who presented the book on ntpro, the authors give tips and tricks, furthermore for each Microsoft application, they provide sample configurations and specify how new features impact virtualization, it also covers:

  • Evaluating the benefits, risks, and challenges of virtualizing Microsoft business critical applications
  • Identifying strategies for success associated with people, processes, and technology
  • Reviewing VMware vSphere features most important to virtualizing business-critical applications
  • Taking advantage of new virtualization-aware features built in to Windows Server 2012 domain controllers
  • Designing and configuring vSphere High Availability (vSphere HA) clusters to run Windows enterprise applications
  • Reflecting Exchange Server 2013’s new architecture to maximize its performance in virtualized environments
  • Leveraging new SQL Server 2012 features to simplify the delivery of high availability on virtual servers
  • Reducing SQL Server 2012 licensing costs through virtualization
  • Planning, designing, and deploying virtualized SharePoint Server 2013 environments