PHD Virtual announces acquisition of VirtualSharp Software

Today, April 2, PHD Virtual Technologies announced that it has acquired privately-held VirtualSharp Software.

Pennsylvanian PHD Virtual Technologies Inc. founded in 2002 decided to acquire the McLean, Virginia-based provider of next generation automated disaster recovery for virtualized environments and private and public clouds.

This acquisition allows PHD Virtual to deliver transformational technology for virtual backup and disaster recovery assurance providing solutions for data protection and business continuity, automatically certifying achievement of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

VirtualSharp Software Corporation provides Disaster Recovery automation for virtualized environments and private clouds, and has the concept of Disaster Recovery Assurance which is based on a series of recovery policies for individual applications in a datacenters and enables the automated enforcement of RPOs (maximum data loss) and the continuous measurement and compliance of RTOs (maximum outage time). Furthermore Recovery tests can be executed without any human intervention and without impacting production systems.

Carlos Escapa, CEO and Co-Founder of VirtualSharp Software, said

We are thrilled to have VirtualSharp become part of PHD Virtual because the worlds of virtual backup and disaster recovery are merging and the combination of the two companies is a game-changer, our product portfolio becomes the one-stop shop with a solution spanning backup, replication, disaster recovery testing and compliance assurance. PHD Virtual also provides us with the marketing and sales resources we need to exponentially grow our combined solutions on a global scale.