Release: LANDesk Management Suite and Security Suite 9.5

On October 22, LANDesk, announced the release of version 9.5 of its Management Suite and Security Suite products.

The company, founded 1985 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, producer of end-to-end service management, virtualization management and user-oriented IT service management, improved both suites including new features such as enhanced cross-platform support, innovative software license management and virtualization management.

The suites will be available from October 31, some of the highlights of Management Suite 9.5:

  • Virtualization Management: With the release of 9.5, LANDesk customers can manage both physical and virtual desktops from a single console. For virtual desktops, LANDesk embraces both persistent and non-persistent scenarios and enables easy deployment of the management agent.
  • Application Virtualization: 9.5 also broadens LANDesk’s application virtualization support. This solution provides agnostic support of application virtualization packaging, regardless of vendor (Microsoft App-V or other standard application virtualization packages), allowing customers to take advantage of industry-standard technologies without complexity or hassle.
  • Full Cross-Platform Support (Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Unix/Linux). New Operating Systems added include:
    • Windows Embedded Standard 7 Enterprise
    • Windows Embedded Standard 09 Enterprise
    • Retail Point of Sale 7
    • Retail Point of Sale 09
    • HP ThinPro
    • CentOS 6 32/64-bit
    • RHEL 6 32/64-bit
    • SLES 11 32/64-bit
  • SmartVue Dashboards: This tablet application provides a global view of the Management Suite/Security Suite environment. This application allows administrators and directors to use the data to plan capacity and justify value in a conversational setting.
  • Profile Migration for Provisioning: Management Suite 9.5 introduces actions in provisioning that simplify the capture and deployment of the user migration across physical and virtual environments.
  • IT Productivity Tools: HTML5 Remote Control allows administrators to deliver secure, high-performance remote desktop sharing over the web by taking advantage of the latest web technologies. This is the industry’s first HTML5 remote control client that requires absolutely no plugins and is faster than any Java remote control client. Windows and Mac machines can be accessed from any HTML5-capable device. LANDesk has also made improvements to the Console Inspector, which contains 15 specific inspectors for console items, improving speed/performance of important console tasks for administrators. In addition, implementing third-party tools to systems management solution sets increases deployment time and cost.
  • Power Manager: Power management now allows clients to auto-update power usage policies if core server and client policies are not the same. New policies are now wrapped as patch content and included with a client update.
  • UEFI Support: 9.5 includes the latest version of WINPE, 64-bit WINPE support and PXE booting capabilities.
  • Native Support for App-V: 9.5 introduces the deployment of App-V packages.
  • Wake-on-WAN: Management Suite 9.5 features the ability for a peer on the subnet to be elected to “Wake-Up” the machines by sending “Magic Packets” on the local subnet. This allows for WOW to function even when the network is configured to not forward broadcast packets.

Among the new features of Security Suite 9.5:

  • Patch Management Autofix by Scope: The 9.5 release of Patch Management features Auto-Fix by Scope that includes granular control of install policies.
  • Core Auditing: Security Suite 9.5 allows auditing administrators to determine what functions need to be audited. Auditing information is stored separately from the LANDesk data, and can be sent to the event log as well. Auditing can also be queried and information can be archived and restored as needed.
  • Credant Integration (Encryption Status): Administrators can open the LANDesk console and can determine what devices are encrypted from within the LANDesk Inventory. Administrators can run a report of protected and/or unprotected devices.
  • Kaspersky Lab Standard Endpoint Agent 8.0: Security Suite 9.5 will include the Kaspersky Lab Version 8 Standard Client.

Steve Workman, vice president of product management, LANDesk Software, said:

Management Suite and Security Suite 9.5 were created in order to help solve the pain points we heard our customers voicing, with these products, our current and prospective customers now have the tools they need to maximize user productivity in a secure and cost-effective way. This will become increasingly important as BYOD invades the workplace and security threats continue to proliferate on a daily basis.