Liquidware Labs: two new offerings of Stratusphere Product Line

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Liquidware Labs, the company founded in 2008 by David Bieneman, announced yesterday August 28, at VMworld 2012 two new offerings of its VDI assessment tool Stratusphere IXD and Stratusphere Adapter.

Liquid Stratusphere IXD is a solution that would enable VDI administrators to  automate the design of corporate desktop gold master images, and size hosts and storage architecture.

Stratusphere Adapter allows an integration feed for Stratusphere FIT desktop assessment metrics and Stratusphere UX user experience metrics into VMware vCenter Operations. IT Administrators can achieve a granular view of users’ desktop experience in a single “pane of glass” delivered from custom dashboards.

Jason Mattox, CTO of Liquidware Labs, comments about Stratusphere IXD:

Stratusphere IXD automates the process of designing key virtual desktop environment components with a very high level of accuracy. Designs are based on actual observed usage patterns which are then applied to the best ‘one-to-many’ shared-image pooled strategy, using precise image, host and storage designs right at the start prevents the cost overruns, poor performance and capacity constraints that can stall View desktop projects and have negative impacts on end users.