Release: Embotics V-Commander for delivering ITaaS

Embotics, the canadian company of virtualization and cloud management founded 2006, announced yesterday august 22, the new release of  its V-Commander, version 4.6, for delivering IT as a service (ITaaS) for both private and public clouds.

Embotics Corporation aims to provide a simplified solutions and their cloud management platform V-Commander allows end users to optimize and automate their data centers, the focus of the software is to transform the management of virtual machines individually to managing the whole range of IT services, IT administrators would be able to control both virtual and non-virtual IT assets.

The main addition is the going from an Infrasturcture as a service (IaaS) to an IT as a service (ITaaS) which would extend to a wider rage of clients that are not completely tech-savy, as the service would be more user friendly.

Embotics will have a demonstration of new V-Commander with a preview of Microsoft Hyper-V support at the VMWorld.

Jay Litkey, CEO of Embotics express his view on the new release:

Embotics V-Commander allows end users to provision at the service level, which lets IT staff step back despite growing management demands. Rather than looking at one tree at a time, they can see the whole forest and make smarter decisions that benefit the overall business, with support and extensibility for public cloud infrastructures such as Amazon EC2, Embotics becomes the all-in-one cloud management platform for an even broader range of customers.