Paper: Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012

Microsoft has released a paper titled: Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012. The paper which contains 150 pages is very comprehensive and contains performance recommendations for Server Hardware and the Networking and Storage Subsystems. Also performance tuning recommendations for several Microsoft and non-Microsoft workloads like Active Directory and SAP are given.

Nowadays performance tuning is based on more requirements than just plain performance, it’s more related to finding a efficient mix between energy consumption, network latency and throughput.


The paper covers the following topics:

Key performance recommendations for the following components:

  • Server Hardware
  • Networking Subsystem
  • Storage Subsystem

The guide also contains performance tuning considerations for the following server roles:

  • Web Servers
  • File Servers
  • Active Directory Servers
  • Remote Desktop Session Host
  • Remote Desktop Virtualization Host
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Virtualization Servers (Hyper-V)
  • Performance Tools for Network Workloads
  • SAP Sales and Distribution
  • TCP-E Workload

Thanks to Aidan Finn for providing the news.