VMware vCenter Server scalability for VDI deployments View

Yesterday Thincomputing.net published an article that highlights the limits that vCenter imposes on VDI deployments.

The article tries to answer the VMware View Administrators’ question about the scalability differences between desktop and server workload.

vCenter Server 5.0 has a documented scalability of 10,000 virtual machines. However, VMware View 5.0 has a documented scalability of 2,000 desktops. As of VMware View 5.1 few things changed, as noted below.

VMware Architecture Guide defines the following: “With vCenter 4.1 and 5.0, each vCenter Server can support up to 10,000 virtual machines. This support enables you to have building blocks that contain more than 2,000 View desktops. However, the actual block size is also subject to other View-specific limitations. If you have only one building block in a pod, use two View Connection Server instances for redundancy.”