VMware shows View 5.1 performance improvements

In this post, published on May 18 in VROOM! Blog, the VMware’s Performance Team presented some of the most significant enhancements and optimizations brought to Teradici‘s PCoIP protocol in the release 5.1 of VMware View.

The post touches 4 main points:

  • PCoIP Efficiency: The Team claims to have achieved, through compression protocols refinements and general performances optimization, up to 1.3X reduction in PCoIP overheads.
  • Client Optimizations: Even in this case the Team talks about up to 3X improvement in video playback performance, with a particular focus to low-performing processors that can now reach a smooth 720p playback.
  • Network Improvements: On this side good news for that kind of users working in adverse network condition, over congested and lossy WiFi networks the improvement can be as high as 8X.
  • Interactivity Improvements: Improvements in this area have focused on the fluidity of users interactions in the remote desktops. The Team presents a simple visual test that shows a user rapidly drawing a spiral in Microsoft Paint via View 5.1 compared to the standard RDP7 protocol.