VMware certifies vSphere 5 for Open Compute Project

On May 3 VMware announced it has joined the Facebook Open Compute Project, an initiative launched in 2011, with the objective of increase technology efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of data centers.

VMware vSphere 5 is now certified to run on open AMD and Intel-based hardware following the project’s specifications enabling Open Compute users to virtualize production workloads and business-critical applications.

VMware is committed to delivering innovative technology that transforms and redefines how businesses function and operate in the cloud era. VMware vSphere® 5 is now certified to run on Open Compute AMD-and Intel-based v2.0 server platforms. With VMware vSphere 5 now expanding to cover a wide range of embedded processors, I/O devices and servers, customers are offered a greater choice in IT solutions.

said Richard A. Brunner, chief platform architect, VMware.