Liquidware Labs announces product synergies with VMware EUC

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On May 2 Liquidware Lab, the company founded in 2008 by David Bieneman, announced a new product called FlexApp and version 5.0 of its Stratusphere FIT, Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity which will integrate VMware’s end-user computing (EUC) strategy following the release of VMware View 5.1.

Stratusphere FIT, that rates the physical desktop candidates for VMware View environments, and Stratusphere UX, able to identify poor user experience in an existing VDI environment allowing optimization, both deriving from vmSight acquisition, will be integrated into VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View using a plugin to provide various end-user indicators and an overall “Health Index Score“.

ProfileUnity 5.0 extends VMware View Persona Management with advanced profile and data management options, context-aware filters to optimize users and applications migration and a couple of additional management capabilities.

In the end working with ProfileUnity we’ve FlexApp, generally available on May 16, allows applications to be stored separately from Windows operation system and pushed in only at login.
It works simply virtualizing the install of the application and keeping it on a separated storage.