Login Virtual Session Indexer 3.5 is now available

Since its first official release beginning 2009, the Virtual Session Indexer(VSI) has gained popularity as an independent benchmarking tool. One of the projects using the VSI tool is Project Virtual Reality Check, which entered phase 4 last June. Now Login Consultants has made available the Virtual Session Indexer (VSI) version 3.5. VSI is a benchmarking platform to measure remote desktop performance in a Terminal Server farm or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment.

The tool is developed by Login Consultants and is provided for free as an Express Edition, there is also a Pro edition which is supported by Login Consultants consulting services.


Some of the new functionality provided by Login Virtual Session Indexer version 3.5:

  • Zero Footprint Launcher, no longer a need to install Login VSI
  • Pre/Post actions
  • Command Line Usage Console, enabling fully automated test cycles
  • Possiblity to pause a test
  • Encryption of logfiles
  • Improvements to workload Mash up mechanism
  • RemoteFX Host Performance Counter Support, giving insight into GPU bottlenecks, issues on the RemoteFX protocol level, and insight into the performance on both VM and Hypervisor level
  • Analyzer enhancements, like scatter chart, compare wizard, zoom and pan and command line usage analyzer.