Release: Lanamark Suite 2012

Lanamark has released a new version of its Capacity Planning platform Suite, this version is the follow up of version 2010 which was released in March last year.

Suite 2012 introduces two new modules:

  • Lanamark Central using Multipoint Data Access which enables IT Solution Providers to stream encrypted IT asset data into their public or private cloud for analysis
  • Lanamark IQ, which provides Asset Intelligence normalizing and enriching raw hardware and software asset data with actionable business information.

Data collection is extended to IBM AIX, HP-UX and Oracle Solaris besides the already existing support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

The Suite is now composed of the following components:

  • Lanamark Explorer providing agent-less instrumentation for discovery of applications, users and machines.
  • Lanamark Central for on-site data analysis or multi-client and multi-site data aggregation in a public or private cloud managed by the IT solution provider.
  • Lanamark IQ with Asset Intelligence for normalization of raw data and enrichment of hardware and software assets with contextual information such as age, warranty and power consumption.
  • Lanamark Studio for unified IT asset analysis, segmentation, dependency mapping and reporting automation with plug-ins for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.
  • Lanamark Portal for web-based IT service management and collaboration.

The Lanamark Suite is offered in two editions, the Express Edition which is free of charge, and the Services Edition which is using a pay-per-use desktop,server of VM credits or via an annual subscription.