Release: Solarwinds Virtualization Manager 4.0

In January this year Solarwinds acquired the IT Management software company Hyper9, making its move into the virtualization market. Hyper9’s product called Virtual Environment Optimization is now rebranded to Solarwinds Virtual Environment Optimization Virtualization Manager and has reached version 4.0 and is a follow-up of version 3.0 which was released by Hyper9 in November last year.

Some of the new features include:

  • Historical performance and topology repository
  • Disk and network I/O now included in Capacity Planning
  • vSphere client plug-in
  • Alerts include recommendations for remediation
  • Search for VMs with misalingned disk volumes
  • AD authentication, using a new autentication page.
  • New trends, including Thin Provisioned Reclaimable Space and Amazon EC3 Total Cost by folder or resource pool
  • ….