Attachmate rebrands Platespin products from Novell to NetIQ

In November last year, Novell announced a deal to sell its assets to Attachmate Corporation and another entity CPTN Holdings LLC. In this deal Attachmate acquired the Platespin product portfolio, which Novell acquired in February 2008.

Now Attachmate is taking the next step, by rebranding the Platespin products to NetIQ, which Attachmate acquired in April 2006. While in November last year there was a possible scenario where the Platespin products would be transferred to Microsoft, which clearly could use the Platespin products to further enhance it’s own portfolio, but with this news Attachmate is clearly taking steps to become a virtualization vendor using its brand NetIQ.

The Platespin products are now rebranded:

Thanks to Lanamark for providing the news.