Release: ActiveState Stackato

ActiveState, a company focusing on dynamic languages well known to developers for its Windows Perl and Python tools, announced Stackato, a Cloud Foundry enterprise cloud platform engineered for dynamic languages.
Currently supported development languages are Python and Perl, and the platform has been designed with developers in mind, enabling an in-depth management of applications written in said languages both in private and public cloud scenarios.

The underlying idea is to provide an easy-to-use framework for scalable applications in VMware infrastructures and Amazon clouds alike, merging the benefit of a Platform as a Service product with the full control a local infrastructure can provide. Of course, migration between these environments is natively supported, and features such as multi-tenancy and auto-scaling are built-in.

The main advantage of the platform seems to be its ability to instanciate databases, frameworks (Django being one of the most well known for the Python language) and their dependencies, but of greater relevance for the virtualization and cloud computing community is its leveraging of VMware’s Cloud Foundry stack which makes it a product to watch.

Stackato is now accepting signups for invitations for a Developer Preview.