Veeam announces Capacity Planning Report Pack

Veeam has announced that it is working on a Capacity Planning Report pack for Veeam Reporter and to be included with Veeam ONE with an expected release in May. With this release Veeam is entering the capacity planning market seeking direct competition with vKernel and other vendors in the capacity planning market including VMware’s vCenter Operations.

The Capacity Planning Report Pack will add the following functionality:

  • Recommendations for hardware planning and provisioning: Unlike other capacity planning solutions that identify potential problem areas and predict when capacity thresholds will be exceeded, Veam ONE analyzes capacity bottlenecks and makes recommendations on how to solve them, offering reconfiguration options for hosts and disk space. Other capacity-planning tools merely show where bottlenecks occur and are not advanced enough to recommend new configurations.
  • Enhanced what-if analysis: In addition to modeling scenarios for hosts and VMs that resemble those in the current environment, administrators can now specify custom configuration details for new types of hosts and VMs, allowing them to evaluate growth paths that go beyond simply replicating what exists today.
  • Identification of over-provisioned storage: Thin provisioning of virtual disks stretch storage resources and prevent under-utilized capacity. By seeing how storage resources are parceled out and used by VMs, administrators can avoid overly aggressive allocations that cause service disruptions.

The Capacity planning report pack will be available at no additional charge for current Veeam Reporter and Veaam ONE customers.