Release : Icomasoft opvizor 1.0

Icomasoft, a Swiss startup led by Diego Boscardin, announced today the release of opvizor, a software-as-a-service solution designed to identify, diagnose and eliminate performance, security and configuration issues in VMware environments. covered the first announcement of opvizor last December, inserting the company in our radar with a “Worth Watching” rating which seems to be confirmed today.

At its core, the platform retrieves encrypted versions of logs from the target infrastructure, analyzing and correlating them to identify root causes of misconfigurations and issues while also allowing easy information sharing with consultants and troubleshooters.
Opvizor is available for 1.500 EUR per user per year, but a freeware version – limited to two ESX hosts and a data volume of 1GB per year – is also available for evaluation and small-scale deployments.

Icomasoft’s CEO and CO-Founder, mr Boscardin, used to be a member of the board of Symantec’s swiss branch and a General Manager at EMC: the attention to security and very strong links to VMware seems to be guaranteed by his background.

The platform can perform automatic, also anonymized uploads, and provides powerful reporting functionalities. The beta version of opvizor already provides the ability to identify incorrect configuration settings, and is mainly aimed at improving solution times.
The approach of software-as-a-service for security has already been explored by a somewhat similar startup we have covered in the past, SecludIT.

However, Icomasoft seems to be focusing on a different market, facing direct competitions in a market space which has already been shaken by the release of vCenter Operations.
We will see if the SaaS approach proposed by Icomasoft and more and more popular for single or narrow purpose vendors will be a strong advantage for those customers where the enterprise grade wide approach proposed by various vendors is not mandatory.