Release: Virsto VDI 1.0

In March last year, reported about Virsto, a company providing virtual storage optimization software for Microsoft Hyper-V called Virsto One. Now Virsto has renamed Virsto One to Virsto VSI and introduces another product Virsto VDI which is targeted for use with Virtual Desktop environments running either Microsoft VDI or Citrix XenDesktop.

Both products share the same Virsto Virtual Storage Engine (VSE), which compromises 90% of the products code. It provides a solution to improve efficiency and performance of Hyper-V virtual machines, by hijacking and optimizing their interaction with the underlying storage. It is a lightweight solution that installs inside the Hyper-V parent partition and places a filter driver between VMs virtual hard drives (VHDs) and physical volumes .


Where Virsto VSI has a management interface that has been tuned for the server consolidation and test and development environments and the types of tasks commonly performed there. Virsto VDI has a management interface that has been tuned for virtual desktop use cases.

Features of Virsto VDI:

  • Scale to deal with thousands of objects in VDI environments
  • Bulk Operations, simple GUI commands to create, delete, mount, unmounts large groups of objects
  • Storage tiering, in order to support the use of golden images.